love 4 u

15 10 2008

never give up to find love

the really love is inside your heart

find it and you will be happily

never give up to find the truly love

cause you don`t know

somehow , someday , someone , somewhere

waiting for you and will be your

soulmate at love



2 01 2008

sometimes we don`t know life is so beautiful

sometimes we don`t realize there is a soulmate behind us

sometimes we don`t recognize our selves in front of people

sometimes we don`t understand what God wants in our lives

we realize it after we losing it

we realize it after all the things was missing

we realize it after they gone

we realize after we losing our true love after ignore it

never sorry cause that

prepare and love all the things that we have now

thanks to God for all the gift he gaves to us now

never sorry about what happen in our lives

no matter its sad , tragedy or happines

keep the things whit us

love and care about it

before someday we are sorry cause lost forever

life , we never understanding

one things for sure

let life begin and go with the flow

life will always be mistery until the end of the world