When Our Life`s Will Continue To Last Destination

1 12 2008

A few weeks before i always Thingking about who and what exactly i am doing in my life. What its my last journey of life destination will be end? It is only to get an heaven and avoid hell?

I dont know exactly. I am not a perfect man, perfect person or i have a perpect life. But it`s only think about that? Not realy. As my friends told me, we are need a best future, a good life, and better way.

So what it`s your dream? just have a wife.children as a familiy? Married, have a good job, house, car and all the things what people said you must get in your life. I am dream also about that. Being succes, in carrier, marriage life, and of course felling well with a lot of money. I become a rich guy.

But, its is your final destination? Your last from journey of life? The answer is belong to your heart, deep heart. Cause it never lies, it will tell the truth.

Ask your heart, your deep heart.

For me, sometimes, i felt there is wrong with my life. When i do something not connected with my heart. I am not happy because of that. It`s not only happens only in one or two times, always.

So… when i already past from that moment, i promise to my self, to grow up my mind, thinks positive for my best happening in my future life. I promise for do the things as i want and my deep heart say yes. Sometimes its sound idealism, but i thinks the principal make me happy.

Yes, finally i found the answer

This is i want if my life and in my journey and final destination. I want happiness ever after. I will do something makes me feel happy, and enjoy my life.

We want happiness and the best thing happens in our life when we will continue to last destination in our journey of life.

Follow your heart, do something for your happiness.

Hope the best things happens in our life`s

When our life`s will continue to last destination




19 responses

2 12 2008

life is great, life is real, life is for living. Stop worrying and start living, thats what Rego said.
Nice to know you

2 12 2008

Sepertinya semua manusia juga tahu tentang kehidupan, hanya saja susah untuk berbuat.
Eh… nyambung ga ya…?

2 12 2008

life is dinamism. stagnant is death.. life also bad an happy things.. i just enjoy the life what i have everytime , the life that HE give me anyway.. How are u buddy…?!

2 12 2008
afwan auliyar

when ….
I think we just prepare for the last destination …

2 12 2008

Doing the best you can and que sera-sera.. 🙂 thanks

3 12 2008

Nobody is perfect, man!

3 12 2008

mmm…U should read LAskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi, and Edensor…

A good books to motivate U to reach Ur dreams…

3 12 2008

Laskar pelangi salah satu perjuangan hidup Bung

3 12 2008

Hidup bisa dibikin susah dan boleh manjadi gampang… tergantung visi dan cara berpikir kita… selalu Optimist… salah satu cara terbaik menghadapi hempasan gelombang kehidupan….

3 12 2008

reach your destination

catch your dream in your own hands

3 12 2008

apa yang kita cari dalam hidup ini ?
kesuksesan kah, kebahagiaankah ?
Jalani kehidupan, lakukan yang terbaik menurutmu, Insya Allah semuanya akan lancar 🙂

4 12 2008

remember, realife is in the hereafter, in the jannah (heaven).

4 12 2008

copas ke toggletext dulu ah….

4 12 2008

Life is just a change 2 see 4 yourself
your beginning & your end….

Be in the World, But let not the world be in u.

4 12 2008

I tidak ngerti en…
Hehehe.. salam.

6 12 2008
agunk agriza

kata oranng juga kan ..

suatu kehidupan yg berasal dari hati pasti indah .. << wlopun ak ga tau artinya apa. hha

13 12 2008
Resi Bismo

keep always your spirit bro, coz it will bring you close to your creator.

16 12 2008

no more choise, the last destination is just hereafter. We dont know where we’ll be put by Allah… Do the best for our live, coz this’s just for a moment to get an eternal life later..

makasih, saya dah mampir ke sana

21 12 2008

life is a journey … selama perjalanan akan terus terjadi hal yang menyenangkan maupun yang tidak menyenangkan. Semoga ketika akan berakhir disuatu masa akan mendapatkan tempat di final destinationnya 😀

betul banget
saya setuju
makasih dah sering mampir di sini

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