i realize my self

16 01 2008

For long time ago , i don`t recognize my self at all . What i need , what i have suppose to do , and what make`s me happy .

Nothing , i feel empty and loneliness in this bigger world . Like lost in translation.

But , i don`t give up , i just keep my spirit and struggle to the battle .

i don`t want to be like another person  , i am sure that i have something different as a plus in my life .

I want to reach my dream , my happiness without argue from other people .

I have to choice what is the best thing in my life.

People cannot argue and control my life , life is mind

so today i just promise to my self , to prove my confidence to get my dream come true.

i just realize that i have to care and love to my self , before i give another love to other person.




2 responses

17 01 2008

Benar sekali.
Kita tidak akan bisa mencintai dan mengasihi orang lain dengan baik, bilamana kit atak mampu mencintai diri sendiri

bener banget mbak , itu semua harus kita mulai dari diri sendiri .

26 01 2008
zakiyah umami

what u want,i’m sure that everyone want too.
u must do something to trealize what did u want
don’t give up
and basmallah in first everything what will u do.
good luck 4 u

sip , pray for me ya . i need to make always istiqomah in my life . and say basmalah in the first step . Sukses juga buat mbak ya

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